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The sport of cross country has both an individual and team component. All Angels compete as "individuals" in all races. However, if the club has at least 5 runners in the same age group, the runners may also participate as an age group "team". 


For "team" grouping, runners are separated into individual age groups based on the age of the runner on or before December 31 of the given calendar year. For example, all kids born in 2008 run in the same age group, regardless of the runner's actual age on the date of the race. At Regionals and Nationals, boys and girls race separately in the following groupings: Ages 6-8, 9 & 10, 11 & 12, 13 & 14, 15 & 16, and 17 &18. (Since Nationals is our target competition we will often run in these age group teams during practices.)      

An age group team may have up to 8 runners, with the top 5 runners on the team being scored. When scoring a team event, each runner's score is the place in which he/she finishes, i.e. first place is one point, second is two points, and etc... Score are then added and compared with other teams. The lowest team score wins. 


Regionals and CCCNYC Nationals races are the grand finale to our cross country season and and trips that our runners and families look forward to each year! 

It is our coaches goal that all Angels participate in Regionals and Nationals races & have the opportunity to enjoy the experience. Understandably, Nationals travel is not possible for all families. In the past, some parents have allowed their runners to travel with another family in order to participate in the event(s) that, for most, are the highlight of the season.



Individuals: The top 20 runners at Regionals, that are not on a specific age group team, will qualify for Nationals. 

Teams: Age group teams finishing in the top three at Regionals qualify to run as a team at nationals. 

There is no qualifying process for teams in the 15 & 16 and 17 & 18 age groups. 

High School runners do not have to run in the regional event in order to participate at Nationals. Runners may also qualify at their state high school meet. The coaching staff can provide further details and/or more information on these requirements may be found on the CCCNYC website. 

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