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Preseason Informational Meetings for both new and returning runners are scheduled for early February (see the home page for registration details), with the 2022 training season kicking off on February 27. 

New participants are invited to attend the first month of practices to become familiar with our club then are asked to make a firm commitment/pay team fees by April 1 (generally prior to the fist team race event). 


Practices are held twice a week (Sunday afternoon and Thursday evening). Practice times vary throughout the season to avoid running in extreme heat and to accommodate Daylight Savings Time changes. Location of practice rotates between Friends University, Trinity Academy and Cessna Activity Center. Times and locations will be announced in advance of practice through the Teamsnap App. During the summer, additional (optional) runs are regularly scheduled for athletes wanting to get in a training run with teammates. 


The Flying Angels will run several road races in the spring as part of ongoing conditioning. Registration/fees for road races are the responsibility of each team member/family. 

Fall brings traditional youth cross country meets. Registration/fees for these races are taken care of by team administration and paid for with team fees. 


Runners should come to practice prepared to listen and run. 

Wear a good pair of running shoes. 

Wear appropriate clothes for the weather conditions - layers are often appropriate.

Bring a water bottle to all practices/races 


All parents are invited to to participate in our runs and workouts. We are always looking for parents to help with timing and/or lead groups. Let a coach know if you are interested in volunteering!


While many parents participate in practices and/or stay to observe, some parents do drop of athletes and leave. If you are not staying for practice, please let a member of the coaching staff know.  

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